Two Ply Combined Paper Corrugating Board Making Machine Bearing Mounted attached with Rotary Sheeter

Profile : This high speed single facer offers a high rate of production & enhances efficiency. The rolls are mounted on roller bearings for smooth running & longer life, minutely finished flute rolls result in perfect formation of flutes. Hydraulic lifting reel stand is provided with the above machine. Reel to sheet cutter is synchronized with the machine. The machine is attached with P.I.V Gear unit to cut into the required sizes.

Size 52″ 62″ 75″
 Output (PM) 120 ft 120 ft 120 ft
Power (H.P) 8.5 H.P 11 H.P 15 H.P
 Heating Load  33 K.W 39 K.W On steam

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