Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine (With Electromagnetic Clutch & Motirised Measure & Motorised Dab)

Design This sturdy machine is manufactured under the supervision of a team of comprising of highly experienced engineers. These machines are meant to with stand severest of strains and are ideally suited for Cutting Paper, Card boards and other sheet materials.

Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake System Permits the machine to be controlled entirely by electrically Push buttons with full safety and eliminates the possibility of any time delay between driving and braking.

Auto Measure System Back Gauge easily operated by Power.

Lubrication Pump Central one shot lubrication.

Drive Poser drive V-Belt is built on and does not take extra floor space.

Safety Motor and fly wheel are protected by a metal guard which also improves the appearance of the machine.

Side Gauges They reach almost up to the cutting line for feeding very narrow piles. Behind the cutting line the smallest strips 25mm when causing the pronged side of the narrow cutting rake.

Magnifying Lens Provided with the machine it provides a clear reading on the measuring tape of the distance between the pile gauge and the cutting line.

Standard Accessories and Tools Two Double Sided Spanners, One oil can, One box spanner, One screw driver, Two cutting knives

Length of Cut 33″ (83 cm) 36″ ( 90 cm) 43″ (109 cm)
Width of cut 33″ (83 cm) 36″ ( 90 cm) 43″ (109 cm)
Height of Cut 4 1/2″ ( 11.5 cm) 4 1/2″ (11.5 cm) 05″ (12.7 cm)
Cuts per minute 25 to 30 25 to 30 25 to 30
Power Required 2 H. P. 2 H. P. 3 H.P.
Space required 54 x 65 x 58″ 78 x 78″ 82 x 75 x 59″

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