Joint Forming Press Hydraulic -PLC controlled

SOME FEATURES : JOINT FORMING PRESS HYDRAULIC These blades are spring loaded for adjusting to different depth of joints automatically and in addition, the projection of these blades can be set to achieve the desire results. The bars are available in four sizes i.e. 1, 1.5, 3 & 5 mm. (face width).

Temperature of the blades is set through Digital Temperature Controller to suite the properties of Glue (Adhesive), Binding material and Operating speed. The digital timer enables accurate control of burning-in for maintaining rigidity of the joints and consistent results.

The system automatically releases the book on completion of the set timing cycle. Back gauge is provided for fastest production, the book can be inserted and set against the rear stop.

Foot switch or Push-button- switches on Control Panel moves the Joint Forming Blades down the joint position simultaneously entire book cover pressing high pressure & simultaneously burning-in of the Joints.

Two sets of Joint Forming Blades (1.5 & 3mm) are supplied with the machine.

Book Block Size 300 x 300 mm 355 x 300 mm(can be taylor made)
Book Spine (Min.- Max.) 5-100 mm 5-100 mm
System Clamp Pressure 2000 Kgs. 2000 Kgs.
Joint Bar Pressure (Adjustable) 100 Kgs. 100 Kgs.
Electrical Load / Motor 1.5 KVA/ 2 HP 1.5 KVA/ 2 HP
Electrical Supply 400/ 440 V AC 50 Hz 3 ph or 230 V AC 50 Hz 1 PH
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 68 x 75 x 124 cm 88 x 75 x 124 cm
Net Weight (Approx.) 300 Kgs. 350 Kgs.

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